Pictures from the Crash Site

Taken August 15-16, 2005
Note: All pictures can be clicked on to view an enlargement

View down the hill to the crashsite. The pole to the right of the car is the site of the collision.

Crash site for Gordon.The orange paint on the road denotes debris.

Skid marks of Gordon's bike.

Fluid spill marks approximately 3 yards behind where Gordon landed. It is unclear if these marks are related.

Chris and Pearci looking for additional debris. Gordon's glasses were eventually found by the roadside.

Telephone pole closest to Gordon's crash site on August 15th

Additions to the pole on August 16th, one week to the minute of his death.

Note from Pearci and his son. Cross and flowers were placed by Gordon's neighbors.

Flowers left by the crash site.

Bottom of the pole.

Well wishers viewing the pole.

Well wishers. Monique is on the left in the brush; the person on the right urging traffic to slow down.

Well wishers exactly one week after Gordon's fatal crash.

View near the crash site. Pearci is attaching material to the pole, just beyond the point of collision. Chris is photographing Pearci. The spill stains on the road are on Chris' left (unclear if they are related). On the enlarged view (click on the picture), you should be able to make out the orange paint on the road demarking the debris field.

The top of the straightaway that Gordon thought he could pass five cars. The point of collision is the pole that appears just to the right of the road (it is actually on the left side of the road, but the road turns).

Memorial gathering around the crash site (16-Aug-05).

Picture courtesy of Monique

Picture from the telephone pole.

Picture courtesy of Monique

Picture from the telephone pole.

Picture courtesy of Monique

Taken before or after the group picture.

Picture courtesy of Monique

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