Open Source Tools for Web Development

Software Description Source Comments
Linux Operating System
Excellent for servers; useful as a developer's desktop OS
EGCS/GCS C, C++, Objective-C, FORTRAN, Java compiler Included in many Linux distributions
Apache Web Server Most popular web server in the world
Samba Windows/Unix/Mac interoperability suite Allows Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows users to transparently moutn each other's file systems
Perl Script/text processing A language
MySQL SQL database Lean and fast. APIs for most languages exist
Xerces XML parser Supports XML Schema, DOM level 2 and SAX version 2
Xalan XLST processor Transforms SML documents via XSL to other forms of XML, HTML, etc.
FOP X-to-PDF processor Driven by XSL formatting objects
Cocoon Web publishing framework Ties XML and database content together via XML, PDF, HTML. Implements XSP, an alternative to Active Server Pages and Java Server Pages.

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