Last updated May 9, 2003.

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[dice icon] An ASCII Text - to - HTML Character Translator

The following form will translate most alphanumeric text (e.g., e-mail address, form and web page links) into the equivalent lowercase HTML characters. Simply:

  1. enter your text in the first text box,
  2. click on the TRANSLATE button, then
  3. select/highlight and copy the code in the second text box to your Web page, Javascript, CGI source, or any published electronic document that someone may use a browser to see.

Most any web browser will automatically read and convert HTML characters into normal (human readable) ASCII text. Just replace all instances of the original ASCII text on all your web pages, java scripts, etc. with the translated HTML code and you’re done!

View the source of this page (look near the bottom) to see an example of how this technique is used to hide my email link.

If you translate the text for *all* email addresses electronically published via web-enabled forms, pdf, Word, etc. documents (and, for example, links on public sites that point to private web sites), you can defend yourself against spammers using automated scripts, software agents, etc. to harvest your email address!

ASCII text:

HTML characters:

[graphic containing my email address]
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