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(15-16th of August 2005)

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Gordon L. Buhle
Gordon (1956 - 2005)
May he ride with us always!
03-Nov-1956 to 09-Aug-2005
Burial Placque

Gordon's ashes were laid to rest next to his mother's ashes in Pennsylvania on 24-Sep-2005 in the Memorial Garden of Swarthmore Presbyterian Church in Swarthmore PA.

Gordon's nametag for the garden is shown below his picture on the left.





Plaque placed in memory of Gordon at Laguna Seca raceways with a picture
on-location and in-context with other placques

Plaque at Laguna Saca
(Click on picture for a larger view)
Gordon's last quote . . .
"The quickest way to change the world is to like it the way it is."
--A. R. Ammons, from the poem "Old Geezer"
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  1.    [clickable camera icon]   Gordon’s photo gallery. A Cabrillo College school project that outlived its original purpose but now lives on here! This (the major) portion of my site contains photos of various postcard-like landscapes, flowers, motorcycles, people, sailing and other stuff.
  2.  [clickable dice icon]   A nice javascript ASCII text - to - HTML character translator that can help prevent automated harvesting of any of your Internet published email addresses by phishers and spammers.
  3. A cool reference, Reid’s Table of absolute values (contains common American phrases denoting nonspecific quantities).
  4. A link to an interesting black and white photography site and some ruminations on photography. Worth reading every quote (especially if you don’t suffer from ADD :-)
  5.    [clickable tree icon]   Bear Creek Estates (BCE) Timber Production Zoning (TPZ) info. Contains documents we’ve submitted to Santa Cruz County, governing County web pages (Board of Supervisors, Planning), and other information relevant to this neighborhood issue.
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