Living with Cancer -- One Day at a Time

Today may be the first day you've had to live with the diagnosis of cancer, or it may be one of many days you have survived this disease. Either way, you have probably found that cancer has changed your life in significant ways.

You must cope with changes in your emotions, your health, your body image, your support system, your whole outlook on life. Yet just as cancer has changed your life, the way you live your life can also change your cancer -- from a monstrous threat to a manageable condition.

Working Your Way Through

Medical advances are leading to new cancer treatments every day. Even with promising breakthroughs, however, cancer is often a chronic illness -- or at least the fear of recurrence is always there. Cancer is something you may have to live with for a long time. This document offers some insights from cancer survivors to help you live with cancer a day at a time.

Take Heart

On your journey through the experience of cancer, you will inevitably have times when you feel you don't have even an ounce of strength left to get y ourself through the ordeals of that day. When that happens, go ahead and give it all up -- to the faithful God who walks beside you every step of the way. God will give you the strength you need to get through that day...and the next ..and the next ...and the next.