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[camera icon] A Photographic Celebration of Life

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gordon, 2002
the author

This part of my site contains selected photographs from Gordon’s private collection. For many years, photography has been a hobby. This collection includes selected film pictures taken over 17 years, plus digitals from the year 2000 onward.

These photos have a common theme - many were taken during various road trips. They are dedicated to the memory of my mother, Elsie. She wasn’t just a traveler, she was an adventurer. An uncommon lady bicyclist in the 1930’s and 1940’s, Elsie--despite a tour in New Zealand as an Army nurse during World War II--travelled through portions of Europe, Mexico, Alaska, the eastern USA and Canada with not much more than her sleeping bag, saddlebags, 3-speed Columbia bicycle and some good friends.

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Elsie, 1947
the author’s mom

Looking back on my own life and those I've been with, I feel that not enough folks take the time to really experience life... to slow down, get outside, smell the roses, or really see what’s around them wherever they go. Most people seem to have their heads down against the grindstone of daily life. It pays to stop and look around once in awhile, to see the beauty around you. In this spirit, please linger a few moments and “...align yourself with the rhythm of the nature all around you. No longer dreaming of pizzas or all those great movies you’re missing. Just content to be an observer, being in awe of it all, and that alone being enough to satisfy your soul.”
The Moonlight Chronicles, A Wandering Artist’s Journal,
by Dan Price, ISBN 1-58008-171-1

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