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Harley-Davidson / Buell Motorcycle Photographs

Here are some pictures of favorite Buell motorcycles (of course, some are owned by me, but not all of them :-)

My first Buell, a Thunderbolt S2, is a certified collector’s item. Currently, with 111K+ miles, seeming like new after 2 engine rebuilds (the second, right after the first--oh yeah, its a long story, maybe good for another section of this site). But I digress. The first Buell I fell in love with--mainly because of its exotic status and good looks. But unfortunately, its “high-maintenance” personality dominated the relationship. The S2 is a wonderful ride, a veritable torque-monster now that its been breathed upon by the engine gods (Brian Nallin and friends). But, its kinda heavy for me, and because so many of its original parts are no longer replaceable, the S2 has been relegated to be more of a show bike than the daily rider it was for 7 years. Certainly deserves its own web pages, recounting the huge number of technical tweaks and lessons-learned...oh well maybe, when and if I have the time...

My second Buell (yeah, some say I’m a little crazy to own more than one), a Firebolt XB9R, is by far, the most easy-to-ride and very enjoyable for me, primarily due to its small size and weight, generous torque, and quick / precise steering. Someday, I may add another section (technical details plus long term ownership experiences) about my Firebolt on this web site. For sure, there will be many more pictures of it as I evolve it further...

[thumbnail of Gordon's 1995 Buell S2 along Hwy 97 just past Weed, CA, looking back on Mt. 
                 Shasta.] [thumbnail of Gordon's S2 again, this time along Hwy 1 north of Santa Cruz, CA on a glorious 
                 summer day.] [thumbnail of Gordon's 2003 Buell XB9R at Gazos Creek, CA] [thumbnail of Gordon's XB9R again, north of Boulder Creek, 
Gordon’s 1995 Buell S2, somewhere along Hwy 97 (just past Weed, CA), looking back on Mt. Shasta. S2 again, this time along Hwy 1 north of Santa Cruz, CA on a wonderful, glorious summer day. Gordon’s 2003 Buell XB9R at a rest stop near Gazos Creek, CA. XB9R again, this time along Hwy 9, north of Boulder Creek, CA.
[Fireman Jim's S2, in the parking lot used for our ASBN meetings.] [Dana's XB with new TiForce pipe, in the parking lot of Vallejo (CA) H-D/Buell.] [button photo of a Buell M2 with polychromatic paint job, seen at the SPLASH 2003 event.]
Fireman Jim’s 1995 S2. I might have gotten a red one too, if I hadn’t seen the Midnight Pearl Black version in person. Dana's XB with the new TiForce pipe, in the parking lot of Vallejo (CA) H-D/Buell. Hmmm, this pipe may be my XB's Christmas present this year.... Seen at the start of SPLASH 2003, I really could not record the amazing visual effects of the polychromatic paint job on this superclean Buell M2.

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