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Sailing in New York’s Long Island Sound

Ahh, what times we had sailing (and drinking, eating, napping, sunning ourselves and talking about almost everything) under the sun. Days, even weeks (ok, we’re talking many days spread over several years) we spent learning to sail, and sailing up and down New York’s Long Island Sound. With only some nice (and one time, stormy) winds or the inboard diesel to move us, our souls were soothed by sounds of the wind, seagulls and wave’s wake.

Best times were around July 4th, when most everyone had left the city to vacation elsewhere. Very little traffic--the occasional barge, and a few folks like us.

But those days are past ... all pre Sept. 11 ... the stuff of memories (and pictures) now (sigh). When it came to taking pictures, I remember brother Chris saying I couldn’t take any pointing directly into the sun, so of course I had to prove him wrong (by shading the lens). Oh well. Many thanks Warren, for the fun times we had...

[photo of the wake from brother Warren’s sailboat] [photo of brother Chris piloting Elixir under Warren’s guidance] [photo of sunset blushing the sky, after a long day spent sailing] [photo of sunset over City Island, NY] [photo of slip area at Orchard Beach, where Elixir sleeps at night]
Wake from brother Warren’s sailboat “Elixir”; Brother Chris steering Elixir under Warren’s patient guidance. Sunset blushing the sky, captured after a long day spent sailing around Long Island Sound. An awesome sunset over Orchard Beach, NY. Coming home late again! The sun’s last rays illuminating the City Island slip area, where Elixir slept at night.
[warren’s sailboat, Elixir, in its slip on July 4, 1995] [an aerial map showing where Elixir’s slip, off City Island, is located] [brothers Warren, Chris and Loren, on our only voyage together] [the view from the cabin, heeled over in a stiff wind] [hoist on mainsail boom, silhouetted by the setting sun]
Warren’s sailboat, Elixir, in its slip, circa 1995. Chris had just said “Hey! Get my picture before we go home.” An aerial map with City Island circled, showing where Elixir’s slip was located. Brothers Warren, Chris and Loren, on our only voyage all together in 1995. View from the cabin, heeled over in a stiff wind. See why a drink holder was necessary? Hoist silhouetted by the setting sun, signifying our last days on Elixir, 2001.

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