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May, 2002 California Buell Riders Adventure Group (BRAG) Trip Photos

[button photo of Buell Motorcycle corporation CEO Erik Buell and Woz] [button photo of group, celebrating survival from snow on Angeles Crest Highway] [button photo of Lake Tahoe lake] [button photo of Canadian Dave, who was my partner in travel during much of the trip]
Buell Motorcycle Corp’s CEO Erik Buell + (a happy S2 owner) + Woz in San Diego, CA. Some of the group celebrating relief from the snow on Angeles Crest Highway, CA. South shore of Lake Tahoe. That night’s destination was a Reno hotel offering free massages. Canadian Dave, in front of the Pacific Ocean. My partner during much of the trip.
[button photo of a typical road we traveled on this trip.] [button photo of Erik jamming with the Chris Torres Band in San Diego, CA] [button photo of Fireman Jim, Vik, Erik (and other folks) enjoying our daily brews.] [button photo of classic pic of Yosemite falls]
A good example of the gnarly, oft-times scenic roads we enjoyed during the trip. We discovered some of the best roads the last day, on our way to Eureka, CA. Erik jammin’ with the Chris Torres Band in San Diego Buell’s parking lot. Fireman Jim, Vik, Erik (and others) sampling our ‘grains’ food group of the day :-) Classic pic of Yosemite Falls (taken from the pullout next to the tunnel).
[button photo of group stopped to ask about road closures at Yosemite, CA] [button photo view from the tree line on Donner Summit]
Oops, Ferris did it again... NOT! We stopped to ask a sheriff about Yosmite road closings due to the snow. What's possible with a poor man’s digital wide-angle lens and a little graphics editing (2 pictures spliced together). The view from Donner Summit, looking down from the tree line. Off the road where we demo’ed our curve carving skills for the BRAG magazine’s photographers. We made the cover of FUELL magazine’s (July/Aug. ‘02 edition)!

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