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I prefer pictures of things or places, so I’m not especially into photographs of people, but these pictures capture expressions that offer a glimpse into the person’s feelings when the photogragh was taken. What I believe is the essense of the best human photographs.

Left to right, in the first picture in the first row of pictures, I’ve many sailing pictures, but this one in particular seems to capture our feelings of freedom from everyday thoughts and the euphoria we felt when sailing. A mixture of inner peace, happiness and brotherly commeraderie. The 2nd picture is of a street mime with unusually creative makeup. When I stopped to take his picture, the visitor shaking his hand and the mime spontaneously turned to face me--the visitor showing a bit of self consciousness contrasted with the self assured mime with his and peace sign. In the 3rd pic, I really like the light and color contrasts, especially the two spots of light shing through the tree branches on the sculpture and artist.

In the second row, the little girl and Queen were posing for the girl’s mom. I shot this pic between and underneath the legs of the person in front of me. Despite being in a packed crowd of people, the lack of visual clutter turned this into a outstanding shot. Continuing the theme of children, alone with their thoughts in the midst of crowds, the next pic of the little boy racing on a pit bike in Laguna Seca surely captured the inspirations, perhaps even the aspirations that grow on you while watching the motorcycle races. Continuing the motorcycle theme, I’ve included this picture (taken by Reg Kittrelle) because it so well reflects the happiness of early BattleTrax participants posing with Erik Buell. This was in the early days, when H-D dealerships were fighting each other for that new Buell business, before they really knew what they were getting into! Ahhh, what a wonderful time it was to be a Buell owner...

[button photo of my two older brothers, enjoying a nice, windy sailing day] [button photo of a San Francisco, CA street mime, near Pier 39] [button photo of a Renaissance Faire sculptress with her wares]
My two older brothers, enjoying a nice, windy sailing day in Long Island Sound, NY. An imaginative San Francisco, CA street mime (a Star Trek-like “Borg”) by Pier 39. Renaissance Faire sculptress with her wares.
[button photo of impatient Renaissance Faire queen with poser kid] [button photo of boy racer in Laguna Seca, CA pit area] [button photo of Erik Buell and BattleTrax Buellies at the '96 Santa Cruz Buell grand opening party]
Impatient Renaissance Faire queen with poser kid. Boy pretending to be a motorcycle racer in the pits of Laguna Seca, CA. Erik Buell and BattleTrax Buellies at the 1996 Santa Cruz H-D/Buell grand opening party.

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